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Condolence Messages Accros the world on the sad demise of Father of Nasir Aziz Khan Brussels:October 31,2020 ..................................... We extend our heartfelt condolences to Sardar Nasir Aziz Khan, Spokesperson UKPNP on sad demise of his Father(Sardar Muhammad Aziz Khan). ................................. I myself and on behalf of United Kashmir People`s National Party( UKPNP) Europe zone would like to offer our heartfelt condolences and sympathy to Sardar Nasir Aziz Khan and entire greaved family on sad demise of their great and lovely Father who is passed away today on 31 October 2020 in Rawalakot POK. He was suffering from Mesenteric Ischemia (Inadequate blood flow to small intestine). Few week ago he was hospitalized his condition was stable, yesterday he had severe pain he was again shifted to Hospital in Rawalakot Poonch but he could not survived. May the soul of our great Father rest in peace in eternal heaven. May Allah give you courage and strength to all of you to bear this great loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of grief and sorrow. Funeral will be held today on 31 October 2020 at native place Tarnooti Rawalakot Poonch. Sajid Hussain Secretary Press and Publication United Kashmir People's National Party(UKPNP)Europe Zone. Brussels ( Obituary): A sad day for us The United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP) has expressed deepest and heartfelt condolences to Central Spokesperson of United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP), Sardar Nasir Aziz Khan, on the sad demise of his beloved father Sardar Aziz Khan in Rawalakot- Pakistani Occupied Jammu Kashmir. The exiled Party Chair has immediately left to console Nasir Aziz Khan at this most devastated moment. The Central Cabinet, Europe Zone, Britain Zone, North America Zone, Middle East Zone, Punjab Zone, Sindh Zone , Pakistani Occupied Jammu Kashmir ( Azad Kashmir ) & Gilgit-Baltistan Zones have collectively issued condolence message to Sardar Nasir Aziz Khan. Party leaders have jointly expressed that they are sharing these grieved moments with the rest of the bereaved family back home and particularly with Sardar Nasir Aziz Khan. Jamil Maqsood بر سلز (پ ر). متحدہ کشمیر پیپلز نیشنل پارٹی کے مر کزی  ترجمان سردار ناصر عزیز خانُ کے والد سردار عزیز خان پاکستان کے زیر انتظام کشمیر کے ضلع راولاکوٹ میں مختصر علالت کے بعد وفات پا گے۔ پارٹی کے دنیا بھر میں موجود کامریڈز کا سردار ناصر عزیز کے والد کی وفات پر تعزیتی پیغام۔ پارٹی کے مرکزی جلاوطن چیر مین سردار شوکت علی کشمیری ، مرکزی سمیر واپس چیئرمین واپس چیئرمین بشیر راجہ ، سردار آفتاب ، مرکزی سکریٹری جنرل سردار اشتیاق احمد خان،، شبیر چوہدری مرکزی صدر کمیٹی براے خارجہ امور مرکزی سکریڑی براے امور خارجہ جمیل مقصود چیف آرگنائزر ، سید وقار کاظمی ، ڈپٹی آرگنائزر سردار الطا ف ، سکریڑی امور نسواں نگہت سیدہ، یورپ زون کے صدر امجد یوسف، جنرل سکریڑی آصف عباس، نارتھ امریکہ کے صدر رشید یوسف ، محمد ریاض ، محمد زاہد خان، برطانیہ زون کے صدر عثمان کیانی، سردار طارق خان، جمیل لطیف، نوید خان،سکریڑی نشرواشاعت یورپ زون ساجد حسین، ، مقبول خان، اور ہارتی کے سینکڑوں کارکنوں کا مشترکہ تعزیتی پیغام۔ پارٹی کی تمام بینالاقوامی تنظیموں کے عہدیداران اور کارکنان نے اپنے تعزیتی پیغام میں کہا کے سردار عزیز خان ایک بہادر انسان تھے جو وطن سے محبت اور اس کی آزادی کے لیے متحدہ کشمیر پیپلز نیشنل پارٹی کی بھرپور حمائت کرتے تھے۔ پارٹی راہنماؤں نے ناصر عزیر کے نام اپنے پیغام میں کہا کے دکھ اور رنج کی اس گھڑی میں ہم سب اپ کے ساتھ ہیں اور سردار عزیز صاحب کے لیے دعاے مغفرت اور اپ کے تمام جملہ خاندان کے لیے صبر کی دعا کرتے ہیں۔ خدا کی زات اپ کو یہ صدمہ برداشت کرنے کی ہمت عطا کرے Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri Exiled Chairman of United Kashmir People's National Party(UKPNP) in a press statement communicated party workers to celebrate 16th March as national Day of State of Jammu and Kashmir.Because 16th March 1846 is the foundation day of former Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir at this day treaty of Amratser was signed and State of Jammu and Kashmir was formed.

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UKPNP Demonstration in Ireland(Dublin)

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Brussels: 03/01/2019

United Kashmir People's National Party(UKPNP) has organized a demonstration in Ireland on 2nd January 2019 infront of Pakistani Embassy Dublin.The Activists of UKPNP Mehboob Khan,Rashid Khan and others were holding the UKPNP flags, placrds, banners and demonstrated that Gilgit Baltistan is an integral part of Jammu & Kashmir, Stop Plundering Natural Resources in Gilgit& Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. War is a Destruction ,Give Peace a chance.The Peacefull Protestors have chanted Slogans and delivered Speeches against the illegal occupation of Pakistan and demanded freedom from Pakistan.

Memorandum presented by UKPNP Members in Dublin on 02 January 2019.

This protest arranged by stalwarts of United Kashmir Peoples National Party outside Pakistani Embassy in Dublin, strongly condemn injustice, exploitation and oppression of Pakistan, and: 

1. Demand that Pakistan must respect State Subject Ordinance and stop settling Pakistani nationals in Gilgit Baltistan;

2. Furthermore, Pakistan must stop exploiting our natural resources, and give people of Gilgit Baltistan their due share in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, and establish technical and professional institutes in Gilgit Baltistan to empower men and women of this region;

3. Additionally, Pakistan must end its reign of harassment and intimidation in Gilgit Baltistan, and release all political prisoners like Baba Jan and others immediately;

4. Stress that Pakistan must urge Pakistani and Chinese secret agencies to respect fundamental human rights of people of Gilgit Baltistan, as enshrined in the United Nations Charter;

5. Request government of Pakistan to fulfil its obligations assumed under UN Security Council Resolutions, and stop exploitation of our resources in Pakistani Administered Kashmir;

6. Urge Pakistan to stop depriving us of basic necessity like water; and abandon plans to divert our rivers as they are our life line. Pakistan must work out a plan whereby local people benefit from water of Neelam River;

7. Emphasis that Pakistan must stop building more dams inside the territory that does not belong to them, and handover control of dams already built here to the local authorities;

8. Highlight the importance of rule of law, equality and justice; and demand that electricity produced inside so called Azad Kashmir, must be provided to the local people first. For this purpose, a National Grid must be established in Azad Kashmir; and additional electricity could be purchased by Pakistan;

9. Request that government of Pakistan must respect right of expression of the local, and must not ban books and other publications in Azad Kashmir.

10. Call upon both governments of India and Pakistan to stop exchanging fires across the Line Of Control, as bullets and bombs fired from both sides kill us and injure us. 

11. Appeal both governments to respect human rights of people in their respective parts; and if they wish to test their weapons then they can do that on the International Boundary dividing the both countries; 

12. Appeal government of Pakistan to stop sending militants across the LOC to commit acts of violence, as the violence, terrorism and bloodshed is not the way forward to resolve Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

Supported by Usman Kiani, President UKPNP Britain Zone, and Dr Shabir Choudhry, President UKPNP Foreign Affairs Committee.

Sajid Hussain
Secretary Information 
United Kashmir People's National Party Europe Zone