Towards, United States of Kashmir

​​United Kashmir Peoples National Party is striving hard to raise the political and ideological rationale of the people to shun orthodox ideas and accept democratic and revolutionary ideals. It is working to fight against all types of prejudices and narrow mindedness at all stages. Party will continue its struggle to promote democratic and plural approach among the people of the state. It will continue its struggle for unity, integrity, fraternity and friendship so that people of the state may achieve their higher ideals in an organized form. As the struggle of the people of Jammu and Kashmir for their national liberation is getting faster and faster, its impact in international community and particularly India and Pakistan is very positive. The deprived and oppressed nationalities of these countries are sympathetically supporting the national cause of Kashmiris. 

What we are struggling for

​​Freedom                             Democracy                        Equality

Pakistan has pushed the visionary leader of Jammu and Kashmir,the founder of the idealogy of United states of Kashmir and chairman UKPNP ,Sardar shaukat Ali Kashmiri into a forced infinite Exile since 1999.On the midnight 17th and 18th july 2016 Pakistan Army has been removed the banners,penaflex,holding,posters of United Kashmir People's National Party in different cities of Pakistani Occupied Kashmir.The cadres and voters of UKPNP are going to organize protest rallies and press conferences against the oppressive rule of the Pakistani Army in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK).

​ United Kashmir People's National Party