The UKPNP and AWP have jointly Organized a conference on 15 May 2016 "Then incoming election of AJK assembly under Act 1974 and the rights of the people's of Azad Jammu and Kashmir

After a long conversation with me in a Meeting regarding Election Campaign for LA-21 PML(N) workers Sardar Shafiq ,Sardar Shabir khan and Qadeer Anwer along with many companions joined UKPNP and also assured full political support in upcoming election 2016 in POK.

United Kashmir People's National Party Rally Against so called Act1974 at Muzaffarabad on 02 june 2016

Inkalabi Youth From LA 17 Poonch 1

 United Kashmir Peoples National Party Bagh  Meeting regarding Comming Elections 2016 in POK

 UKPNP Candidates  POK Election  2016 along with  party workers submitted their nomination papers to Election Returning Officers in their respectives Constituencies

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Multi-Party Conference urges to make amendments in AJK Interim Act 1974 for independent, fair & transparent elections

ISLAMABAD, May 15 2016 (SABAH): Multi-Party Conference organized by United Kashmir Peoples National Party and Awami Workers party urged to make amendments in AJK Interim Act 1974 for independent, fair and transparent elections

The present AJK Interim Constitution Act 1974 is unjust law which is giving all authorities to the Kashmir Affairs Ministry, Kashmir Council and to the direct appointed lent officers from Pakistan instead to appoint from AJK Government. However the fact is that this Interim Act was imposed by the government of Pakistan without AJK people consent. AJK is governed through the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Kashmir Council headed by Prime Minister of Pakistan. Pakistan officials dominate the Kashmir Council and that the Chief Secretary, the Inspector-General of Police, the Accountant-General and the Finance Secretary are all from Pakistan. 1974 Interim Constitutional act forbids any political activity that is not in accordance with the doctrine of Jammu and Kashmir accession with Pakistan.

However the People of Kashmir have right to elect their representatives democratically but theses representatives cannot exercise the powers getting from masses. All powers are consolidated with Kashmir Council which is governed from Pakistan. Even the united nations have declared the Kashmir as a disputed territory between India and Pakistan. According to the UN resolution, the people of Kashmir have special status. Pakistan is also openly supporting their right of self determination which is unlimited right to express freely.

The situation is very much contradictory with all pledges, commitments made by the Pakistan on different international forums.
The Nationalists political parties and progressive individuals, who believe the restoration of complete independent state of Jammu and Kashmir, are not allowed to take part in election process under this Act. The section 4(7-(2)) of this Intrim Act is restricting any person to participate in political activity who does not believe accession with Pakistan. This section is completely violates the right of self determination and fundamental human rights of AJK people. Without getting changes in this Act, people of Kashmir cannot get their political, social and economical rights.

On the topic “The Incoming Election of AJK Assembly Under Act 1974 And The Rights of Peoples of Azad Jammu Kashmir” United Kashmir Peoples National Party and Awami Worker Party by organizing jointly a Multiparty Conference on 15 May 2016 , urged to amendments in Interim Constitution Act 1974. Leading prominent lawyer and President AWP Abid Hassan Minto said that present laws implemented in AJK and Gilgit Baltistan, are not representing the right of people of Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. The people of both regions are still facing colonial system and are not entertaining their democratic rights, he added.

Central spokesperson of AWP and organizer of the Conference, Nisar Shah Advocate said that present Act 1974 covers only AJK while there is need to restore the historical unification of both territories of AJK and Gilgit Baltistan by forming new constitutional assembly along with democratic constitution which represent and guarantee the basic rights of the people of Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan in real sense. By presiding the conference Vice chairperson of UKPNP Naila Khanin said that government of Pakistan should fulfill its commitments towards the issue of AJK and restore the rights of the people of AJK and Gilgit Baltistan.

Justice Abdul Majeed Malik, Sardar Khalid Ibrahim, Professor MRK Khaliq, Professor Saeed Asad, Sabir Kashmiri, Tahir Shah, Yaseen Anjum, Abdul Majeed Kanjoo, Dr. Yahya Ahmed spoke at the occasion. JK Liberation League, JK National AWami Party, JK Liberation Front, JK National Party, Blawaristan National Front, Gilgit Baltistan Action Committee, JK Peoples Party, PPP Jammu Kashmir, All Parties National Allience Blawaristan National Movement and other human rights organizations represented in the conference.

At the end all participants unanimously passed a resolution:
* Immediately Eliminate section 4(7(2)) of Interim Act 1974 to allow all nationalist political parties and individuals to contest incoming elections,
* By removing Kashmir Affairs ministry and Kshmir Council, call back all appointed officers from Pakistan,
* Establish market on local level for trading between Indian and Pakistani Kashmir and trade must be through local traders,
* Consider reservations and get representation of people of Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan on Pak-China CPEC before its implementation.
* Free AWP leader Baba Jaan, Iftikhar Hussain alog with other political leaders and end all false cases on them.

Pakistan has pushed the visionary leader of Jammu and Kashmir,the founder of the idealogy of United states of Kashmir and chairman UKPNP ,Sardar shaukat Ali Kashmiri into a forced infinite Exile since 1999....United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP) Central Committee meeting was held on 30th September 2016 at Rawalpindi. As per the agenda, party organizational matters, ongoing tension between India and Pakistan on so called Line of Control, China’s involvement in so called Azad Kashmir affairs and other important matters were discussed. UKPNP Central committee has decided to dissolve its central, Zonal and overseas units in order to elect new office bearers. A central convention will be held within 90 days. Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri was elected as caretaker Chairman of party. Central committee also nominated its overseas organizers. 1. Sardar Zahid Khan Canada 2. Aftab Hussain Khan United Kingdom 3. Akhlaq Barlas United States 4. Iftikhar Ahmed Italy 5. Muhammad Zia Mustafa Switzerland 6. Sajid Abbasi Belgium 7.Engineer Touseef Muscat 8 Saalim Salam Ansari Sindh Zone 9. Israr Ahmed Greece 10. Sardar Rashid Hussain Punjab zone 11.Yasir Arafat Qureshi Spain 12.Sheikh Hammad Saudi Arabia 13.Anwar Hussain Khan Magray UAE UKPNP central committee has advised its zonal, districts, Tehsil, Local and overseas organizers to reorganize and restructure party units in their respective areas before forthcoming central convention. UKPNP CC members asked Pakistan and India to de-escalate ongoing tension between two countries on so called line of control and demanded that Kashmir issue should be resolved through dialogues and peaceful means as per wishes and aspirations of Kashmiri people. United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP) Central Committee also showed its deep concerns over recent announcement made by so called Azad Kashmir government that she has decided to hand over large area of disputed of Kashmir to China on lease. Jammu and Kashmir State subject rule dated 1927 do not allow foreigners to buy or lease property in Kashmir. So called AJK government has violated Jammu Kashmir State subject rule. UKPNP will not tolerate and allow any country to colonized our territory and natural resources.

​ United Kashmir People's National Party

United Kashmir People's National Party(UKPNP) Parliamentary Board Meeting held At hotel Akbar International 

Report of UKPNP and AWP conference held on 15 May 2016 "The  incoming election of AJK assembly under Act 1974 and the rights of the people's of Azad Jammu and Kashmir"

Sohail Abbasi candidate of UKPNP from constituency LA 13 Gharbi Bagh  meeting with Senior Vice Chairperson Naila Khaneen of United Kashmir People’s National Party regarding upcoming election of POK  2016 

UKPNP Act74 Murdabaad Rally and Program on 30 May 2016 at Thrarkhal. 

UKPNP Candidates for Election 2016 declaring their assets at Azad Jammu Kashmir election Commission  at Muzaffarabad